Safety comes first. The company is committed to continuously improve on Health and Safety.

SCAN RF Projects has dedicated resources to manage the SHERQ factors of every project. Trained and certified personnel adapt at navigating both the OHS Act as well as the Mines Act. We provide a service to over a 100 industry entities, with over 100 Contractors Packs / Safety Files.

The SCAN RF SHERQ department is also tasked with the implementation of: ISO9001, ISO4001, OHSAS18001 and all listed work requirements (eg: Working at Heights, Fall Arrest Training etc.)

What we believe in

  • Good Health & Safety is good business
  • Safety is everybody’s responsibility
  • All work related injuries are preventable

Our current phase of implementation

  • The implementation and sharing of best practices trough daily toolbox talks.
  • Sharing lessons learned and avoiding repeat accidents.
  • Total employee involvement, with the need for safety improvement being driven by our management teams.

We set ourselves demanding improvement targets in the area of safety, aimed at promoting standardized safe working procedures based upon thorough and detailed risk assessments.
We make use of internal auditing to support the need for on-going safety improvements in all areas in which our people work. .

We continuously work in partnership with our customers and suppliers to deliver improved safety standards in all our workplaces.

Our Aims: 

  • No Accidents.
  • No Repeat Injuries.
  • No Harm to People.

Employee readiness with regards to Health & Safety

  • Medically fit including for Working at Heights
  • Fully trained in Working at Height and Basic rescue
  • Full KBC inductions
  • Trained site supervisors with Legal Liability competency