SCAN RF Projects provides a full range of services to complement our turnkey wireless solution offering.


nocNetwork Operations Center

SCAN RF Projects has a 24/7 Network Operations Center to offer our clients the best possible support.


projectsProject Management

All projects are driven by a Project Manager,
to ensure effective and professional communication
to our customers during the course of the project
and after the sign-off is completed.

mainNetwork Maintenance

SCAN RF offers customized service level agreements to fit all and any customer’s requirements.
Services such as onsite maintenance technician, 24/7 monitoring with standby and the normal time and material call out.

siteSite Surveying

As part of our turnkey solutions we offer site surveying to ensure workable and trusted solutions.
In the case of existing networks, we offer a site auditing service to improve or expand existing wireless networks.

desNetwork Design

Once a compulsory site survey is completed, all data is processed, and with the help of sophisticated software and the extended knowledge of the sites, a network will be planed and proposed.


insNetwork Installations

At SCAN RF we take pride in our fleet of installation and maintenance vehicles. Currently in our fleet we have 4 installation vehicles which are fully equipped mobile workshops, 4 maintenance bakkies and 4 vehicles equipped with the latest Roll over Protection equipment to ensure safe and easy access to all types of mining areas. These vehicles are entrusted to our highly skilled and competent installation teams. These teams consist of a Team Leader, Junior Technician and an accomplice.

hsHealth & Safety

We provide a service to over a 100 industry entities, with over 100 Contractors Packs managed by the SHERQ Department, ensuring all training, medical
fitness and relevant information is kept up to date at all times.