WAN Capacity Plus is a managed end to end service, hosted by Scan RF Projects, providing high speed connectivity between customer sites.




Employing carrier grade Microwave Ethernet infrastructure, WAN capacity Plus offers:

  • Full-Duplex layer 2 connectivity
  • Symmetrical constant bit rate (Symmetrical upstream and downstream capacity)
  • Optional Advanced QoS
  • High capacity ranging from 10Mbps – 1000Mbps Full-Duplex line rate (Site dependant)
  • Carrier class availability and uptime.
  • Aggressive SLA options:
    • Standard – 12 hours per month max downtime triggers penalties.
    • Enhanced – 8 hours per month max downtime triggers penalties.
    • Premium – 6 hours per month max downtime triggers penalties.
  • Future proof network infrastructure guarantees security, capacity and stability.
  • Highly scalable and upgradable network infrastructure.

Scan RF Projects firmly believes that our WAN Capacity Plus managed service offers the customer far more value than the traditional “buy – integrate – maintain” model.

WAN Capacity Plus – Value Proposition:

  • Increased economies of scale for larger networks and higher capacities.
  • High capacity low latency connections.
  • Rapid deployment times.
  • Faster mean time to repair compared to cabled networks.
  • Based on Carrier grade microwave technology ensuring maximum network availability.
  • Chances of downtime due to cable theft greatly reduced.
  • Proactive network management by Scan RF Projects NOC.
  • Fast reliable connections.