The InfiLink 2×2 is a wireless Point-to-Point solution which combines high-speed capability, up to 280 Mbps throughput, with a rich set of best-in-class features and benefits. Supports leading-edge radio protocols, providing unrivalled spectral efficiency and wireless transmissions over distances in excess of 80 km.


  • Key applications of the Infilink 2×2 Family include:
  • 4G/LTE/WiMAX BTS High-capacity backhaul
  • WISP infrastructure backhaul
  • Building-to-building connectivity at Fast Ethernet speeds
  • Redundant Cellular Native-IP backhaul
  • A cost-effective alternative for legacy microwave links or wired leased lines
  • WISP Internet POP for remote areas
  • NLOS backhauling using lower frequency bands
  • Reliable backup for fiber lines, high-speed FSO or millimeter-wave links

Frequency Bands

  • 3.4 – 3.7 GHz
  • 4.9 – 6.0 GHz
  • 6.0 – 6.4 GHz

Key Features and Highlights

  • Multiple Input – Multiple Output (MIMO 2×2) innovative technology
  • “Pay as you grow” software upgradeable capacity feature
  • High-capacity – up to 280 Mbps throughput
  • 5/10/20/40 MHz channel widths
  • Possible operational distances in excess of 80 km
  • LOS (line-of-sight) and NLOS (non-line-of-sight) deployments
  • Advanced Quality-of-Service Support
  • Instant DFS allowing non-invasive background spectrum monitoring and seamless frequency channel change on channel congestion
  • Reliable and robust design

Infilink 2×2 5GHz