No single point of failure, moving / mobile nodes, adaptive, resilient, high-speed. These are all demands of the modern industrial networking environment. With constant increases in production demands the focus on features like these will grow.

Wireless Mesh networks address these demands in a very unique way. By promoting every client / node to a fully functional repeater the networking potential increases dramatically.

Meshing is not a new or even unique concept. SCAN RF has deployed Wireless Mesh solutions from many of the leading Wireless Equipment manufacturers over the years. Through experience, we have learned the strengths and weaknesses of most Mesh products on the market.

Why we prefer Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology:

  • Extreme Connectivity – The ONLY Heavy Duty Mobile Mesh that provides dual-band 300Mbps (802.11n).
  • Extreme Reliability in extreme heavy duty conditions.
  • True Mobility with continuous network availability.
  • Simplified Operation – auto configuration, self-healing & plug and play.
  • Load balancing capabilities always selects the best route.
  • Power Options – AC, DC, battery.
  • Extensive Experience in large deployments and critical applications.

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