Simply deploying or installing wireless equipment is rarely a reality and frequently requires the addition of supporting infrastructure. From brackets and enclosures for basic wireless equipment, Mobile Trailers and Skids for Mining deployments to Masts and Towers for PtP and PtMP wireless distribution.

SCAN RF is adept at supplying or even customizing / manufacturing supporting infrastructure solutions to any requirement.

Guyed / Self-Supporting Lattice Masts & Towers

When topography does not allow for direct LOS the answer can frequently be found in the construction of a Lattice Mast or Tower.  SCAN RF has expertise in the location planning and construction of these structures. Ranging from 9m to in excess of 70m.

Mobile Skid and Trailers with solar power systems

Primarily used in mining mesh environments trailers and skids are used where dynamic / changing infrastructure is required. Due to the flexibility of a mobile repeater many customers do away with fixed infrastructure entirely.

  • Lightweight (600Kg), can be moved with 4×4 vehicles (LDV).
  • Very sturdy design.
  • Solar panels and batteries can be housed in Vandal proof enclosures.
  • Can be equipped with 9 or 12m unguided Pneumatic mast or 18/24m guided Pneumatic mast.
  • Many customers deploy the mobile skids throughout the entire network instead of using fixed infrastructure.

Power Supply Solutions

We supply, install and support a large variety of Power Supply Solutions catering for almost all telecom needs

  • Solar Power Systems
  • Solar Power Regulators
  • Wind Turbine Generators
  • Diesel / Petrol Generators
  • DC Telecom Power supplies
  • UPS and Battery Backup Systems
  • HD Vehicle DC power supplies