sepuraTough enough to withstand the most formidable working conditions, our robust mobile terminals provide efficient communications when you most need them.

Offering integrated data communications along with a 10W RF power, improved noise rejection and enhanced error correction, these rugged mobile radios give crystal clear audio even in high-noise environments.

IP67-rated with an intuitive user interface, they are hardware-ready to support direct mode gateway, direct mode repeater, PEI-based data and end-to-end encryption options.

TETRA is an open standard, allowing for flexibility, a multi-vendor market and healthy competition amongst providers. We are committed to providing our users with increased choice through a wide range of interoperable equipment.

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With a class-leading 10 Watts of RF power, and the most proven gateway and repeater technology on the market, the SRG3900 TETRA mobile extends communication into areas otherwise beyond network coverage.An 8W audio drive provides loud, clear audio and – uniquely – the integral GPS module tracks both GPS satellites and the Glonass satellite network, working with the latest SBAS differential GPS support and CW anti-jamming technology to provide a greater degree of accuracy and security.

  • IP55 environmental protection
  • 344-400MHz
  • 380-430MHz
  • 407-473MHz
  • 806-870MHz

SRG3900 Datasheet



Combining the functionality of a console and traditional handset in compact form, the Handset-based Console (HBC) allows complete control of the radio and supports full- and half-duplex operation.Voice calls can be kept private by going off hook and operating as a telephone or ‘all informed’ by using the hands-free kit and the vehicle loudspeaker.Sharing a common user interface with Sepura hand-portable radios, minimising the need for re-training, the HBC also uses an AMPS-compliant cradle, allowing it to be fitted to commercially available brackets.



Robust and reliable with IP55 environmental protection, the HBC2 is tough enough to withstand the rigours of the harshest working conditions. Ergonomically designed to allow a smooth and comfortable transition from pick-up to talk positions, it combines the functionality of a traditional radio console with a telephone handset.Uniquely, dual microphones allow the HBC2 to be configured as a traditional handset or a fist mic. Independent controls allow volume levels to be set individually for the ear piece and the main SRG speaker, and the large high resolution colour display – featuring night mode to reduce glare – allows the console to be easily viewed under difficult lighting conditions.

  • IP55 environmental protection