Ruckus-ZoneFlex-7321-UDual-Band 802.11n Access Point with 3G/LTE USB Backhaul

The ZoneFlex 7321-U is the ideal solution for carrier class Mi-Fi. For service providers who wish to monetize spectrum and for Internet providers, the 7321-U can be quickly and easily deployed in environments where there is limited wired connectivity. Also perfectly suited for transportation deployments, such as trains, busses, boats etc., the 7321-U can leverage LTE/3G mobility to provide seamless Wi-Fi to passengers or employees. The 7321-U is also an ideal solution for retail vendors wishing to back-up their existing PoS systems in cases of WAN failure or downtime as well as many other enterprise vendors with the need for a WAN back-up system.

The ZoneFlex 7321 is capable of running on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz with a click of a button. Performance is enhance by up to 4dB with transmit beamforming capable clients. Performance is further enhanced by ChannelFly, Ruckus’ unique channel selection approach that increases capacity by up to 50 percent over similar products from other vendors.


USB backhaul and simple driver provisioning
  • Custom drivers
  • Pushed to APs from either ZoneDirector or SmartCell Gateway (SCG 200)
Best-in-class performance and cost effective
  • Selectable band (5GHz/2.4GHz) support
  • 2.4GHz, 110Mbps of theoretical maximum targeted udp throughput
  • 5GHz, 230Mbps of theoretical maximum targeted udp throughput
  • Transmit beamforming
  • Advanced channel management
Transmit beamforming and ChannelFly
  • Results in 2 to 4 times extended range and coverage
  • Up to 50 percent capacity increase with ChannelFly
  • Up to 3 dB signal gain with transmit beamforming
Differentiated services with multiple SSIDs
  • 8 BSSIDs with unique QoS and security policies
  • WEP, WPA-PSK (AES), 802.1X support
  • Zero-IT and Dynamic PSK
  • Captive portal and guest accounts
  • RADIUS and Active Directory support
Please Note
  • The 7231-U is a carrier specific product that requires customization for the USB driver. As such, minimum quantities of 1000 units are required for purchase.

SmartPoint 7321-U Datasheet