PBE’s monitoring and control systems are a complete solution to keep your mine running at peak capacity. We call it MineBoss™.

Whether you are a mine operator or a member of the management team, knowing the status on all aspects of the operation is critical. The PBE MineBoss™ 2.0 Mine Wide Monitoring and Control System (MCS) was engineered to centrally monitor and control all aspects of a mining operation, including displaying the location of miners and the status of equipment.

The Mine Monitoring and Control Systems (MCS) allow for continuous monitoring of priority systems such as gas levels, air flow, ventilation fans, water pumps, power status and other systems critical to the operation of your mine. PBE Mine Monitoring Solutions allow PBE products or third party sensors to be utilized for continuous monitoring and immediate response to critical and essential mine safety functions.


MineBoss™ 2.0

MineBoss™ 2.0 is a full-scale, centralized control system that mine operators have come to rely on for everything from basic atmospheric monitoring to complex, real-time operations information that allow operators to quickly leverage production data with more intelligence.

MineBoss™ 2.0 provides the integration and visibility for site-wide activity and allows control from a centralized location for a more efficient and safer mine environment.  Designed with a user-friendly navigation interface, MineBoss™ 2.0 provides audible and visual warnings and alarms, contains an integral database management system and is designed with future scalability and mobility in mind.

The MineBoss™ 2.0 has multiple alarm and warning levels that are user defined. It also allows different sound files to be associated with different events and alarms for customized alerts to various changes in the pumps and fans being monitored by the system.

MineBoss™ 2.0 monitors and controls atmospheric monitoring, tagging and tracking systems, leaky feeder communication systems (with BDA-4), belt and conveyor systems, fire and dust suppression systems, power supplies and battery back-up, fans and air flow, weight scales, pump controls and can relay logic and analog signals from third party products.

MineBoss Screen 1
MineBoss Screen 2

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MineTracker software provides real-time and last known location reporting and tracking using imported mine maps.   MineTracker has the ability to monitor speed, telemetry, oil pressure, temperature and more in vehicles.

MineTracker features include:

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Historic Playback
  • Electronic Tag Board Compatibility
  • Muck Manager
  • Reports
  • Map Maintenance
  • Alerting System
  • Asset / Hardware management
  • User Access Security