PBEPyott-Boone Electronics was established in March of 1971 by Frank Pyott and Roger Boone to supply the U.S. coal mining industry with the most technologically advanced communication and monitoring systems available. Starting with just a handful of people we have grown to employ over 225 full and part time personnel around the world.

In April 2011, Pyott-Boone Electronics was acquired by Prairie Capital and Vierville Capital with the intention of helping Pyott-Boone Electronics grow into the world leader in mine safety and productivity.

In March of 2012, Pyott-Boone Electronics acquired the Australian company Minecom who had 20 years of underground communications experience.

In February 2013, Mine Radio Systems Inc (MRS) was acquired; another global leader in communications with sales and service in over 30 countries.

The acquisitions expanded the company’s product suite and global reach.  Minecom and MRS complement PBE’s strategy of bringing mine safety and productivity systems to mines all over the world.  Following the acquisition, the combined company was named The PBE Group with separate divisions in mining, tunneling and contract manufacturing.