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Developed through more than 20 years of research into the physiology of drowsiness, Optalert’s drowsiness detection system incorporates the only scientifically-validated technology continuously and unobtrusively measuring a person’s alertness.

Optalert’s early-warning drowsiness detection system is designed to detect the early signs of drowsiness and so it is capable of objectively detecting drowsiness even before we are aware that we are feeling tired. Optalert technology uses a system infrared (IR) reflectance oculography housed in a pair of glasses that can monitor the eye and eyelid movements of drivers continuously without interfering with their performance of the driving task. This technology has enabled several ocular variables to be identified that can be used in combination to quantify drowsiness on the Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS™).

The JDS™ does not require adjustment for individuals. It is these early physiological changes in blinks, particularly the relative velocities of the eyelid closure and re-opening phase of blinks, which characterise the drowsy state.