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Infinet InfiLink Lite

The Infinet InfiLink Lite 2×2 is a wireless point-to-point solution, which combines high-speed capability, which combines high-speed capability, up to 180 Mbps throughput, with a rich set of best-in-class features and benefits such as leading-edge radio protocols providing unrivalled spectral efficiency and wireless transmissions over distances in excess of 80 km. In its simplest form, it can be deployed by many organisations to provide Ethernet extensions (i.e. LAN-to-LAN) between two locations. In its most advanced configurations, the InfiLink Lite 2×2 is able to provide a complete infrastructure that enables corporates of all sizes to connect their remote sites to the headquarters, thus allowing the simultaneous transmission of multi-protocol services such as voice, video and data. This family of solutions can also be deployed by mobile operators requiring multi-megabit capacity for their backhaul links.