SCAN RF Projects offers a full range of high quality products as a solid foundation for all our solutions.

Our product offering includes:

  • Rajant Wireless – Kinectic Wireless Mesh
  • Sepura Tetra – Two-Way Radio
  • Sepura DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) – Two-Way Radio
  • Aeroscout – Asset Management
  • InfiNet Wireless – Point to Point and Point to Multi Point Broadband Wireless
  • Ruckus Wireless – Enterprise Wireless
  • WAN Capacity Plus – Leased Wireless Links
  • MotoTrbo (DMR) Digital Mobile Radio – Two-Way Radio
  • PBE (Poytt Boone Electronics) – Proximity Alert Systems, Leaky Feeder, Tagging and Trackin
  • Towers / Mast
  • Mobile Mast Trailers


MotoTrbo Rajant Infinet