Employee Upliftment

SCAN RF Projects has always held high values in treating employees like family. Communication is golden and it was through one of these casual conversations between our Managing Director and a long-standing, loyal employee that a need was realized. SCAN RF Projects evaluated the situation and enthusiastically decided to embark on a project that would enable her to accommodate and support her children and grandchildren.

The building plans were designed, a project manager was appointed, suppliers were sourced and work commenced in August 2013.

The project was not without its own problems and delays. Each hurdle was taken in our stride and overcome with success.

The project is still ongoing as new changes and additional improvements are continually added. Completion of the project has been scheduled for April 2015.



eDeaf has been empowering Deaf communities since 2007. Their highly effective training courses and learner-ship programs have been widely received by Deaf people from all walks of life.

eDeaf unleashes the social and economic empowerment of the Deaf community, through a diversity of talents and skills, thereby adding value to the economy.

eDeaf provides Adult Education & Training by Deaf trainers to Deaf learners through the Media Works computer based program in South African Sign Language. This course comprises of 4 AET levels spanning across 6 months and is aimed at grade 8 to 10 school leavers. Each AET level contains 40 to 43 learners.

SCAN RF Projects have embraced an opportunity to support this initiative by sponsoring 4 learners to complete the program and aim to continually participate in these empowerment initiatives.